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It was around 10 years ago that I started writing Let Go. I’ve lived every line, many of which I still face every day. If you live long enough, you'll experience a devastating loss, battle some of the greatest anxieties, fears, or worries, or just want to give up altogether. In these seasons of life, where there is absolutely nothing else you can do about your situation, you come to the realization that the only thing left is to Let Go. Psalm 46:10 talks about "being still and knowing HE is God." The original text translation means to "loosen your grip." We can give control over to God with hands out and arms raised, trusting that He is big enough and able to handle all things. We "let go of our grip, and let God handle it," putting our trust in the Creator of all things.


Your Kingdom Come (available online everywhere) was my last song recorded and has been such a blessing to hear churches sing and declare the mission of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Writing corporate worship songs continues to be a passion. Though it has been my primary focus over the last few years, God has been challenging me to release some of the songs that have been rolling around in my head, some for a decade or more. Many of these are songs that focus on glorifying God and edifying people, but not necessarily songs that would be sung during a worship set in Sunday morning church services. And so begins the new season of music. 


I was a little surprised when Let Go became the fist single to rise to the top. I actually finished a different song the week before and planned on it being my first recording (Side note, be on the lookout for On Fire!). The more I was walking with friends and family through the difficulties of life, the more I realized Let Go was the one I needed to put out. As it was fleshing out, I realized that this could really be a song that God could use to bring healing and freedom.  I wanted this verses of the song to be poignant yet ambiguous. It was hard narrowing down each phrase with all the different scenarios we face where we need to give control and trust over to God’s hands. I have specific friends in mind for each line. I couldn’t wait for THEM to hear it and be ministered to. When I wrote the last word, I realized this song was just as much for me as it was for anyone else. I had been living Let Go for the last decade, and was actually MY theme song through the last couple years. You’ve gotta lose sometimes to win. Lose yourself. Lose control. Lose your life, or what you think it should be or look like. God really does have the best plan. I experienced a lot of freedom when I switched my question from “God, what is your will for my life” to “God, what is your will?” (Blackaby- Experiencing God) It’s amazing what a little shift can do. 


This life that He has given us, the breath we breathe, and every single day is a gift. The scripture says, “He works all things together for the good of those who are in Christ.” I had this in mind as I wrote the bridge. 

    All your worries, and all your fears, all your sorrows and all your tears

    All your brokenness, and bitterness, you can leave them here

    All your failures and all your shame, every heartbreak and every pain

    With open hands and arms raised, we give control to Jesus…we can put our trust in Jesus. 


Maybe you “have a friend” who could use some of the truth that’s in this song. It’s my prayer that God will set them free- from anxiety, fear, worry, pain- all things. God is still moving mountains, setting free, healing, redeeming, saving, giving purpose, hope and identity. Trust Him. Give Him control. Experience HIS goodness. Just Let Go.




It was so much fun writing, singing, co-producing, and doing some programming and keys on Let Go. I also had some really great, longtime friends contribute and take this project to the next level. 


Engineer, co-producer, keys and programming: ZACH BERRY

I met Zach Berry 15 years ago while playing a concert at a church in South Georgia. A mutual friend introduced me to him as a budding musician and worship leader. Zach became one of my vocal students early on, was a part of a couple CD release concerts, quickly becoming a good friend. Zach graduated from Belmont University and moved back to Georgia. Over a life catch up at the local coffee shop,  we were discussing new songs and me being at a place where I could begin recording and traveling again. He let me listen to some of his projects he engineered, and I asked him to co-produce my single. We found ourselves in his home studio laughing, dreaming, and creating. Zach displays an excellent balance of listening and creating. He’s a professional with a big heart and a deep love for music. It’s been a blessing working with such a talented, gifted brother and friend. I think you’ll appreciate his work on Let Go. You can find out more about Zach and his studio on socials at @berry_records


Bass and Electric Guitars: SHANE COLE

Shane and I have been close brothers for almost 20 years. He was in my youth group early on during my youth minister years. I watched him pick up guitar and spend hours and hours each day practicing and growing like a beast. Since then, we’ve walked through thick and thin, grown spiritually together, recorded and traveled together, and enjoyed many meals and coffee hangs. I’ve even had the privilege to stand by his side in his wedding. Though he’s like my family, Shane is always a professional when it comes to music. I knew he would bring excellence and his unique, creative spin to the mix just as he has in the past. Shane has played on several of my other projects including LIV, SANCTUARY, and Redeemed and Brave. You can find Shane on socials at @shane_cole

Other Contributions:

Drums: Matt Summers 

Mixing: Eric Uplinger

Mastering: Bob Boyd - Ambient Digital

Added vibes and studio hangs: Seth Rice

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