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ABOUT LET GO: The story behind Scott's new single, Let Go. 



SCOTT'S TESTIMONY: How I came to know Jesus through a near death car accident. 


Singer/songwriter Scott England makes contemporary pop music that mixes Gospel, R&B, hip-hop, and indie rock influences. Born in Chicago, IL and raised in Atlanta, GA, England's unique music style and energetic delivery guarantee a concert experience to remember. His God given ability to lead people into worship is undeniable. His love for music and passion for people make his vision clear; making music, changing lives. The performance speaks for itself. The music speaks to the multitudes.



England's ministry has always cast a broad net when it comes to aiding in people's life-long journey with Christ. For him, it has meant glorifying God through music, missions, one on one times of mentorship, and pouring into the local church. These are just a few various outlets England continues to model promoting a “life of worship.”

“The Bible urges us in Romans chapter 12 to take our everyday life - our sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking around life - and place it before God as an offering, putting His agenda before our own. THIS is our spiritual act of WORSHIP. Although worship through music is an obvious passion for any Christian musician and many believers, it's important that we make an intentional effort not to devalue WORSHIP to merely a song, or that thing we do when gathered with believers in a building (church) on that specific day of the week.“


// MUSIC //

That said, England continually pours everything he has into his music to aid listeners in their own pursuits to live a life of worship. After a small hiatus in recording and traveling, Scott makes a strong comeback with his latest release, LET GO (click here for ABOUT THE SONG). Here, England digs back into his roots writing songs that "glorify God, and edify people."  Scott says, " If you live long enough, you'll experience a devastating loss, battle some of the greatest anxieties, fears, or worries, or just want to give up altogether. In these seasons of life, where there is absolutely nothing else you can do about your situation, you come to the realization that the only thing left is to Let Go


Before Let Go, Scott released a corporate worship, anthemic single called Your Kingdom Come. “I wanted to clearly communicate the role of the Holy Spirit in advancing the Kingdom and inspiring the church to walk in His power to share Jesus with the world.” England writes, “Our Father you made us, King Jesus you saved us, Holy Spirit you are with us and where you lead us we will go. You’ve given us the power of the risen God, to cast aside the shadows and bring the light of love. We want the world to change, I’ll be the first one, oh may we lead them to your heart- see your kingdom come.”


This was a much anticipated follow up to England’s Redeemed and Brave, a five song EP of corporate worship songs encouraging and inspiring the church to not only sing songs about God, but to go and "Live it Out."  Redeemed and Brave was featured in iTunes Top 100 and New and noteworthy sections for several weeks upon release, as well as various inline and printed outlets including CCM Magazine. Songs from the recording are still gaining traction on Christian radio with each year. “As an independant musician in a competitive industry, it’s difficult to be heard and get your art out there to impact people. I am thankful for how God is opening doors for these songs to encourage and equip people to be who we’re created to be. More than ever, the world needs to see passionate, Christ followers, living by the Spirit of Jesus, sharing the Gospel in power, word, and deed.”


SANCTUARY, is an ambient worship project Scott created to serve as a soundtrack to time spent alone with God. This album takes the idea of corporate worship music and turns it on its head. Less sing-along and more background, SANCTUARY sets up an environment to experience the Lord on a deeper, more personal level.


His other two albums, the self-titled Scott England EP (2007) and [LIV] (2009) show his

ability to mix rock, R&B and acoustic singer/songwriter moments seamlessly to create

worship music that stands alone in a sometimes overcrowded worship music scene. Perfect examples of England's unique style are “I Need You” and “Teach Me to Pray,” which take a humble approach lyrically, juxtaposed with powerful music that jumps out of the speakers.

And while each album may be primarily worship driven, each features other, more introspective songs. “When I'm Alone,” chronicles discovering a closeness with our creator while hundreds of miles from the people he loves. The piano ballad “Missing You,” is a heartfelt ballad written for his wife of more than 17 years. His song “Love Offering” selected for Top 20 Indie Worship, an album featuring artists chosen by a panel of music-industry experts based on song quality, artist exposure and web traffic, among other criteria.


Years of writing and performing his own music (Over 150 dates per year) has helped England create a rock solid live music experience that encourages and inspires the listener. However, one of England’s greatest strengths is he genuinely cares about people off-stage as well. It is a common thing to find him in conversation with those who were in attendance at one of his performances long after the last note of the set has been played.



England's music has resonated with listeners throughout the states and beyond the borders of the country. “Good Intentions,” from his self-titled EP stayed at number one for a month on the charts in Central America in 2008 and six additional months in the top ten. This opportunity arose after England took his first mission trip outside of the United States to Guatemala. While there was never any intention of promoting himself as an artist there, God opened doors to make it happen. Songs from each of England’s last 5 recordings are still being played in steady rotation around Central America and numerous countries.

“It all centers around helping people,” England said. “The Lord gave favor through serving in an unexpected way.” Spurred on by his love of people and “musicianary” experiences in Central America, England has developed a passion for missions and continues to pursue opportunities in and out of the United States including countries Africa, Jamaica and Costa Rica.



England's experience working with others in the mission field, along with his musical abilities, have been channelled into a series of ‘Worship Workshops.” During these workshops he, along with his team, consult with members of church music programs to help strengthen the talents of those who take to the stage each week. This process is often more than just a one time event as, over the course of several weekends, England and his band help hone the individual talents of each musician and singer. They are then brought together at the end of the workshop to put into practice together what they have learned. England's view on worship being more than just music is reflected in what he and his band teach.

“Our goal during these training workshops is to help people grasp the depths of a Romans 12 model of worship, raise the value of excellence, and utilize the platform for discipleship and mentoring.”



Throughout the years, England has developed partnerships that have been maintained not simply because of the quality of work that he puts in, but because of the personal connection he often develops with those he works with. As a testament to his view of “worship as a lifestyle,” England pours everything he has into the relationships he has established in every avenue of his ministry. “I've made it a personal goal to develop ongoing partnerships with churches, ministries, and individuals to help them carry out their goals and calling. None of us are meant to do it alone. These are family; friendships we’ll take into eternity. For me, music is just one medium that God uses to open the door for these opportunities. It's the universal language and an excellent connector“


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