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If you live long enough, you'll experience a devastating loss, battle some of the greatest anxieties, fears, or worries, or just want to give up altogether. In these seasons of life, where there is absolutely nothing else you can do about your situation, you come to the realization that the only thing left is to Let Go. Psalm 46:10 talks about "being still and knowing HE is God." The original text translation means to "loosen your grip." We can give control over to God with hands out and arms raised, trusting that He is big enough and able to handle all things. We "let go of our grip, and let God handle it," putting our trust in the creator of all things.


Singer/songwriter Scott England makes contemporary pop that mixes Gospel, R&B, hip-hop, and indie rock influences. Born in Chicago, IL and raised in Atlanta, GA, England's unique music style and energetic delivery guarantee a concert experience to remember. His God given ability to lead people into worship is undeniable. His love for music and passion for people make his vision clear; making music, changing lives. The performance speaks for itself. The music speaks to the multitudes.

Let Go (Single)

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